Arqam Virtual academy

Programs offered:

  • Full school curriculum includes secular subjects and Islamic Studies including Qur'an and Arabic. Lab and PE completion is mandatory to fulfill all the requirements of graduation.

  • Students enrolled in Hifz program may opt out of Islamic studies module and enroll only in secular subjects module

  • Students going to regular school may opt out of secular studies module and enroll in Islamic Studies module only 

  • Parents may coordinate with local Masaajid and gather students and others over the weekend for the Islamic Studies module. This may substitute for the Saturday or Sunday school offered, and would be quite didactic with access to quizzes, tests, homework and semester exams. Similarly Hifz Madrasas may run the secular subject module which would mean 20 periods, and each period being 45 mins.



  • Principal: Tehmina Ali, MS

  • Social Studies: Stacey Wayman, MS

  • Science: Phuong Ho, MEd

  • English Language Arts: Salma Mady. enrolled in Masters)

  • Islamic Studies: Shaikh Ibrahim Zidan​

  • Qur'an Tafseer: Shaikh Ibrahim Zidan

  • ​Qur'anic analysis: Dr Samina Ali

  • Arabic: Ustadh Ahmed Saeed, native speaker.

At Arqam Virtual Academy, we're harnessing the power of online education in new, innovative ways. By freeing you from the constraints of physical school, we increase the efficiency and reach of our curriculum. We currently have grades 5-12 open for enrollment.


Who are we?

Arqam Virtual Academy ( is part of the Proclaim Truth Charitable Trust, which is a religious organization designated as a public charity under 501(c) 3, by the IRS.​ This organization is devoted to spreading the message of Islam to all.

Our Mission