What are the benefits of an online full-time school in comparison to a traditional brick and mortar school?

  • Benefit from a technologically enriched education with online learning resources
  • Pursue other interests, including Hifz-ul-Qur'an, hobbies, and extra-curriculars; a typical child will save at least two hours per day for such activities.
  • Be in a safe setting, monitored by a parent or a designee, which minimizes the traditional-school problems of uncensored internet access, social media, bullying, and gender-based issues.

Is this concept new? Is it only a fad?

Virtual schools are a clear trend for the future.

According to NY Times, there were around 250,000 students enrolled in full-time online schools in 2011.

Is your school accredited?

We are planning to get Accredited through AdvanceED (leader in accrediting K-12 schools, both online and brick-and-mortar). The process has started and an initial application has been filed.

What if a course is not offered at the academy?

We may align with other online schools to meet the student's needs. Credits earned from such institutions must be pre-approved by our administration.

Will it be difficult for my child to go to college afterwards?

Colleges do not discriminate against online schools. In fact, some online schools are highly successful in placing their students in high-ranked colleges and university.

We strive to provide the services that colleges actually look at during the admissions process: grades, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and curricular enrichment.

What hardware is required?

A laptop/tablet with a microphone is required.

Can tuition be paid on on a monthly basis?

Yes, tuition can be payed on a monthly basis.

Does tuition include cost of books?

No, the student is required to purchase the books; the price of the books isn't included in the tuition.

What software will be used to conduct the classes?

The WizIQ virtual classroom will be used to conduct the virtual classroom and the platform will be Moodle (LMS). Students go to  gotoclass.arqam.org to access the classroom.

What's the start and the last dates of the school?

Tentatively start of the year is last week of August and end of academic year is first week of June. We do attempt to accommodate new students during the school year if they are currently enrolled at another school.

Are your teachers certified and experienced?

All our teachers for core subjects are certified teachers. Almost all of them have Masters. Most of our teachers have more than five years of experience in teaching.

How can my child get Physical Education credit?

A student may:

a. Enroll locally in a Martial Arts Academy; this will suffice for our PE requirement. (Recommended)

b. The parent may coordinate with a professional trainer, paying them by the hour and meeting in a local gym as arranged by the trainer. Activities may include tennis coaching through USTA and similar coaching in other sports. Students may also complete their PE education online logged by a supervising parent/coach

c. Attend a summer camp 

d. Request a waiver (for religious or other reasons). A parent should still keep track of 20 to 30 minute daily workouts at home.

Do you have on-site lab facilities?

We have online lab activities that simulate hands-on training.

Will there be a placement test?

We require placements tests in Math, English and Arabic.

How do we pay fees? How do we apply for financial aid?

After enrollment, we enroll all parents in the TADS program.

When and how do we register our child?

You register your child through the website by clicking the link "Enroll now" . Enrollment is on first come first serve basis and limited. So you need to act now! There is no fee for registration this year. 

What curriculum does Arqam follow?

We strictly follow common core curriculum standards. We use presently Pearson-Prentice Hall curriculum for secular subjects

What is the difference between the full school enrollment vs Islamic Studies module only vs Secular subjects module only

There is the option for full school enrollment, secular subjects only and Islamic Studies only enrollment. If parents opt out of any module, students are highly encouraged (but not mandated) to attend live classes. They still complete the same quizzes and tests as the rest of the students. The modular enrollment is only allowed if the parent provides proof that the student is enrolled in another school/program to fulfill all the graduation requirements.

Arqam Virtual academy