Qur'an & Islamic Studies


  • Word-to-word meaning of Qur'an (30 Ajza)
  •  Mon to Thu
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Hifz program is dependent  on at least 15 to 20 students enrolling for Hifz
  • We can compliment other programs for Hifz by providing them with secular education and Arabic.

Islamic Studies

and Qur'an module only

  • For students enrolled in other schools
  • Curriculum based on Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Off school hours option available
  • 12 periods a week (45 minutes each)
  • Diploma for the grade awarded at the end of the year
  • Arabic language instruction is included
  • Rigorous program including quizzes, tests, assignments and memorization of Ahadith.
  • Word-to-word meaning of Qur'an (30 Ajza)
  • Fees is $1500/ yr
  • Head of the department is Shaikh Zidan
Also applicable for students who have free online secular education in their state

Arqam Virtual academy